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1968: "Doggone it! Those darn Train Masters are always in the way!
Recently: "Doggone it! I wish that SP had saved one!"

U33C's 8663 and 8609 idle at the west end. Although they weren't generally held in high favor on SP, I liked 'em and other six motor GE's, if only because they featured a very civilized 'facility', entered though a door in the backhead, in which you could contemplate railroading at speed without being covered with sand (GP/SD-9's), or squatting-down at grade crossing level in the low-nose (just about every other loco). Fall 1970.

An eastbound plug is coasting by the Roundhouse's back side on this dreary January 1969 day.

The pits in the garden. The 3600 is coupled to a C-628 on this date in early 1969.

By the spring of 1969, it was readily apparent that the EMD F-7's days were numbered. Thus, when I showed-up one weekend afternoon, I was delighted to find ex TNO passenger unit # 355. Unfortunately, the easy-going roundhouse foreman of the early sixties had by now been replaced by a guy who towed the company line regarding unauthorized photographers. This was as close as I dared to go, given that the line of Trainmasters blocked a quick escape route. I would have liked to snapshot Alco RS-32 # 4002 over there on the far left, as well.

Incidentally, the 355 was the last SP passenger F-7A (though by this picture's time, it was pretty-well relegated to freight), and the last ex TNO cab unit, period, when retired in October, 1972.

Anyway, there just just had to be another way to get a shot of the 355. So I trudged around to the mainline side of Train Master Row, and here's what I came-up with: click here