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Roundhouse Garden, 4-28-68

The San Jose Roundhouse didn't change much from the time it was whittled-down in 1959, to the time of this photo in December, 1966, to the time it was torn down in...jeeze, I've already forgotten. 1998? The hayburner-equipped spring switch next to the building, was what locos off of Roundhouse #1 used to enter the Westbound for the short trip down to the depot. Locos coming back to the house from the depot would back to the west end for handling by the College Park herder.

Some roundhouse trackage was used for equipment storage by Caltrain until the early 2000's, but sometime prior to that the turntable and the house itself were hauled in pieces down to the Santa Clara County Fairground, where the plan was to reconstruct them as part of a rail museum. The palm tree out-survived the roundhouse. That's the 3032 sitting inside.

Here's two interior shots. The one on the left shows 1957-built GP-9 5753 in Roundhouse #2, January 1965.

On the right is a picture taken through the windows behind the paved-over stall between numbers 1 and 2. The turntable, fuel/sand facilities and engineer / rmechanical department quarters are all in the background. May, 1968.

This was the layout of the engine terminal's geographic northeast side, looking south. GP-53 # 6615 has an 'X' displayed in its number board because this was December, 1966 and engine number boards still displayed train numbers, rather than engine numbers, in this case, Extra 6615. The next year SP would do away with this system-wide, except for passenger trains operating on the Peninsula. Between F-7A # 6346 and the diesel fuel-filled tank cars is the track where the Moffat Field / Belton Whitcomb "Alien Visitors" picture was taken.

S-4 # 1831, turned out by Alco in 1955 gets a thorough going-over in front of The House in early 1969. She lasted until 1973.