Bayshore 1941 Turntable Plans Excerpts
Bayshore RH
Mission Bay RH
The nine original blueprints are 2x3' in size, and some of the following selected images are inverted for clarity. For further info on the table's installation, see the San Francisco Turntables page. For a large reverse (inverted) image of the above side elevation, click on the image.
Above, "S.H." apparently stands for 'salvage hardware'. Wx4 Staff has no knowledge of the status of Watsonville's Pajaro River bridge at that time, but winter storms in 1940 washed out many local bridges (and caused abandonment of the Los Gatos-to-Santa Cruz line). Perhaps the Pajaro bridge was one of them.

above: cross-section; below: deck and rail lock mechanism (locking lever: 3'3" long); the outside tie on both ends is steel

Operator's cab data:
  • 'x5' footprint
  • 88" total height
  • 5-1/2" trim
  • plywood construction
  • mulehide canvas car roofing
  • arch roof, 8' 3-3/4" radius
  • sliding sash windows, 2x2' 4-3/4" (2 sides)
  • top-hung 26" wide sliding doors (2 sides)

Safety fence data:
  • 4x6", 5' long posts
  • 2x8" rails
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