Women on the Homefront:
Mission Bay Roundhouse, 1943
Mission Bay
San Francisco
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In March 1943 the Office of War Information sent a photographer to SP's Mission Bay Roundhouse to record women performing what was then considered to be "a man's job". Of course, beyond menial laborer jobs, and traditional pre-War roles, women still had very little general presence on the railroad and none in the operating crafts. At the end of the war men rapidly reclaimed most of the jobs, anyway. It wasn't until the 1970's that legal and political pressure finally forced SP to hire women into train and engine service, but they still weren't genuinely admitted to the operating fraternity. Since then, women have proven their abilities to all but the staunchest "male chavinists", and Wx4 would offer that the influx of women has made the railroad industry a kinder, more agreeable place to work.

These photos came from the Library of Congress: