Third & Townsend, Part 2
1974 in Color
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The images presented below mostly were photographed by Wx4 stalwart contributor, retired SP/Caltrain Engineer Greg Welker. Thanks again, Greg!

Third & King, looking southwest: The King St. trackage in the foreground served both as interchange to the SF / State Belt RR and as arrival/departure tracks for long haul passenger trains.
The waiting room
The orginal Fourth Street Tower: By 1974 it was no longer used; replaced by the new Fourth Street Tower (barely visible to immediate right of old tower in center photo).
The station tracks
Below: Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 shoving a cut of Subs towards a station track in October, 1974; The technique for spotting at the platform was thus: the foreman controlled the movement from a portable "conductor's valve" mounted in the rear vestibule. At the proper moment (we hate to think about the trial and error process involved in originally getting it right), the foreman would big hole the movement. Subs had cast-iron, clasp brakes that were notorious for their stopping power. How the switchmen avoided flattening wheels with this move, we don't know. Maybe the engineer cranked-down the feed valve to a lower pressure? (Wx4 email)

(Ektachrome slide by unknown photographer; Wx4 Collection)
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