Southern Pacific's Evening Commute "Fleet"
Third & Townsend Sts. Depot, San Francisco
April, 1969

Back in April, 1969, a friend of Wx4 recorded the prepatory light engine movements and subsequent train departures of Southern Pacific's Evening "Fleet" (SP employee term for morning and evening rush hour trains) Commute trains at San Francisco's Third & Townsend Sts. Depot. Accompanying this on a separate page are images of the Fleet recorded on a different day at Visitation, near Bayshore Yard, along with a pair of photos of Train 139 at San Carlos taken a few years later. The the decriptions are his. Thank you, sir! - EO

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Beebe & Clegg's private car 100 Virginia City
3024 (backing to train -EO)
3004-3003 backing to train 126 (the Del Monte - EO)

crew member, enlargement

3026 and crew backing to train 128

crew members, enlargement

3024, Train 124
3028 (backing over 4th St. to Train 130 -EO)
3032 (backing over 4th St. to Train 132 -EO)
3023 (backing over 4th St. to train -EO)
3003 with Train 126 The Del Monte, 3004 trailing
view north towards the station
3026, Train 128
(3031 arriving with Train 149 - EO)
Lovely shot of a Chevy II. Oh that's 3023 in the background with train 134.
This time it's a Buick with 3025 and Train 136 behind.

Visitation and San Carlos page

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