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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmFred Boland's Photo Album:

Southern Pacific / Sierra Railway Excursion, 1948

On June 20, 1948, Fred shelled out $17.60 - that's about $176 dollars in 2015 - on tickets for himself and Gerry, his future wife, to ride a Southern Pacific / Sierra Ry. excursion from Oakland to tour the Westside Lumber Company facilities at Tuolomne City and the Pickering operation at Standard.

The excursion brochure images come from the Western Railway Museum Archives, courtesy Evan Werkema. (Click on them for enlarged versions.

The captions above the photos are Fred's.

Eng. 2463 on Extra to Oakdale at Oakland Pier

Eng 2368 on extra to Tuolumne at Tracy

Engine 36, Sierra Ry., Oakdale
[That is Gerry, the future Mrs. Boland, in the foreground. - editor]

Eng. 36 taking on water and cooling hot box. Eng. 34 on train, Sierra Ry.
[Cooperstown Tank - editor]

Eng. 3, Sierra Ry. at Jamestown Roundhouse

Eng. 18 Sierra Ry. at Jamestown

#4, Heisler, West Side Lumber Company., Tuolumne City

#5, West Side Lumber CompanyShay, Tuolumne City

Barber Shop, Tuolumne City

[No caption; Tuolumne City]

Tuolumne City

[No caption; Tuolumne City]