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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmFred Boland's Photo Album:

Roseville and East, 1927-1931

Captions above photos are Fred's.

Rudolph Hamman and Fred Boland [hat] lean against the 4112 while Fireman takes photo. 5-30

[Bayshore machinists Fred and Rudy were best buddies. Rudy hired-out three days after Fred, and later became a locomotive engineer. They spent vacations and Depression furloughs together chasing trains. A story of some of their adventures can be found here: The Tonopah Express]

Eng. 4112 at Roseville

[Photo possibly taken same day as previous image, or possibly on 5-22-31 during camping trip. - editor]

Eng 4101 at Roseville

4100 Class at Roseville

Eng 4116 at Roseville

[Photo presumably shot at Roseville, circa 1927-31 - editor]

Eng. 2458 & 2401 coupled. Train #19. Roseville 5-22-31

Eng. 3219 or 20 at Roseville

[Photo likely dates to circa 1930-31. - editor]

Roseville 1930

[#1307 was constructed by the Sacramento Shops, and put into service in May. - editor]

Eng. 5047 Roseville. Train #19. Eng. 2458 alongside. 5-22-31

A 5000 above Roseville. 1927 or 28

[No caption- possibly same train as photo immediately above - editor]

[This and the next non-captioned photo likely date from a camping trip that Fred and Rudy Hamman took in 1931, but may date as far back as 1927-28; likely Penryn area. - editor]

A 5000 starting out early in the morning. Roseville 1927-28

Eng. 4015 Roseville 1926-28. 6 O'clock in the morn.

Eng 4026 Roseville

[Photo likely dates to circa 1930-31 - editor]

Eng 2840 Auburn, Calif. 1927-29

[The three photos above and below are labeled the same; of the same train. Road in foreground of lowest photo below may be the Lincoln Highway.- editor]

[No caption, but sign indicates that the location is in the Auburn area. - editor]