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Reno, Sparks, Carson City

According to a certain Mid-1920's book about "Automobile Camping", was the need for proper camping attire, a "serviceable old suit". We forget the depth of our formality as a society in those days. As if Fred and his best buddy, SP machinist (later, engineer) Rudy Hammon, had read from the book, here we see them in their suits posed next to their camping-gear-laden auto, and coincidentally, Virginia & Truckee 4-6-0 #27, likewise nattily attired even though this is the in the depth of the Depression: May 23, 1931. Fred is the guy in the hat. On the other side of the depot is the SP main line, where the third photo shows X4140 East headed on the westbound main track towards San Francisco. As Fred noted, "tracks are left handed most of way from Summit to Sparks". Today, the tracks are located inside a massive subway. In truth, they had come into town on company trip passes - not an automobile - but they did camp in their old suits, probably the only ones they owned.

For a description of their adventures riding trains to Reno in the 20's and 30's, see:
The Tonopah Express, 1929-1927

V&T #5 with oil cars and passenger cars at Carson City. Formerly Nevada Copper Belt Ry #5. 6-7-49

V&T flats near Reno. 54, 53, 59, (57?). 6-9-49

Sutro Tunnel, Nevada. 6-9-49

A 4200 class starting out of Sparks yard towards Truckee. 6-8-49

Two SP AC's pass each other between Sparks and Reno. 7am, 6-8-49