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Aftermath of a "Cornering"

Railroad freight yards are accidents waiting to happen, more so in the old days, when operating and safety rules allowed switch crews to perform activities long since outlawed. Another problem with yards used to be the drinking. Bayshore Yard was especially well known for switch crews' prolific drinking, which even-money could have been the culprit of the destruction seen here at some unknown date. Apparently the crew of the 2623 was engaging a little "spot time" (rest period) one night, a little too close to a switch, so as not to be fully in the clear ("in the fowl") of equipment using the adjacent rail. Clear heads do not do this. The result: another crew shoving a car on the next rail appears to have sideswiped, or "cornered" the 2623's tender, which telescoped under the cab. Fred made no mention of the fate of the loco's crew.