The Official Dome O' Foam
"Foamer's Brain"
(This is your brain on foam!)
- our original logo lately banished
from the front page

1958 2023 atomic pink naugahyde edition

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Drone O' Foam?

Welcome to the Grab Bag, our virtual 55 gallon trash bag loaded with content that will shock, amuse and ultimately drive you to the safe psychological waters of This is where all of the odd humor off front page has wound up over the years.

2023 update: The Grab Bag has been on Wx4 since the beginning and has never experienced a do-over, so we figured that it was time. Thus, we have selcted a 1950's motif, since we get a kick out of the pop art and pop science of the time that highlighted a rosy future replete with nuclear-powered everything, all trimmed out in atomic pink and blue naugahyde. Bonus: the scheme's colors match the Dome logo at left! (As an aside, we are pleased that atomic power has not found a way into Precision Scheduled Railroading.)

We also would like to point out that we have retained Grab Bag's original banner as a historical artifact, produced using an online engine in the days before we learned Photoshop. It also goes well with naugahyde.
Retired, but not forgotten logos
sic transit gloria mundi

We celebrated our 15th in 2018, only to discover later that Wx4 actually went online in late 2002.

Our 20th Anniversary logo - designed by Ikea


  • 6-29-23: Tony the Tiger loses his head in response to a pay cut by Kellogg - Bromley O. Wilf, Swamp on Tyne, Northumberland, U.K.
  • 7-1-23: Why it is important to firmly attach a "do not hump" placard to a shipment - Bob Blue, Gravity Iowa
  • 8-22-23: Inadvertent problem with protective tarp reveals super-secret USAF hypersonic wind tunnel, camoflaged in "Tony the Tiger" crushed velour. - Clarence Clarksdale, Tonopah, Nevada
  • 10-17-23: This must be the mascot for Precision Scheduled Railroading: Large claws and no head. - Omar Sanchez, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 4-30-24: It is a perfect graphic representation of what AI is, and what it portends for humanity! - Gary Greenblat, Amityville, New York. Staff: So i's the next Amityville Horror, then?

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These stories are entirely true, as far as you know.

Wx4 Commentary:

We should have paid attention:

Many years ago, when we were looking for a suitable building image to match with our foaming dome animated gif logo (see this page, top), we happened upon the ideal one. Without thinking, we adapted it to our purpose, only to learn ten years later that it was a railroad equipment repair facility, Dome Railway Services. They even have an 80 year old SW1. We bought the hat! click image
We moved Wx4 headquarters to Hawaii more than a decade ago. The lack of nearby railroads nevertheless has its compensations. By "compensations", we mean that we spend most happy hours at the Wx4 Tiki Bar making sacrifices to the volcano god, Pele. Pele likes gin. According to the rangers over at Volcano National Park - who also like gin - sacrifices to Pele should only be made at a specific spot within the park, which seems kind of fishy to us, particularly because Pele and gin do not coincide in Hawaiian folklore. As a test, we recently made an enormous gin (and Mai Tai) sacrifice to Pele at the Tiki Bar, and darned if she didn't create a "dome fountain" just for us. It even got noticed on CNN. That's nice.

The gloom of Dome, Alaska
- Ektachrome slide Wx4 Collection

Inside the Dome Railway Service shop?

Wye at Ombey (103.7 miles west of Ogden) at the top of Red Dome Pass on the old CP/SP "Old Line" via Promontory - some great "NecroFluggen" by Steve Bush

The hills of Dome, Arizona, 1959
-photo Wx4 Collection

We hated to see this graphic - one of our favorites - totaly disappear
from our site in 2023, so we elected to preserve it in perpetuity here.

The original Wx4 logo:
size mattered at one time