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------------Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive Blueprints - rescued by Bayshore Machinist Fred Boland

In 1958, after steam was done on Southern Pacific, somebody decided that the volumnuous collection of no-longer-needed steam locomotive drawings filed away at San Francisco's Bayshore Shops could be eliminated. Shop personnel thus began to fill a dumpster with many hundreds of drawings, much to the distress of the late Machinist Fred Boland. By then, Fred had accumulated nearly 40 years of Bayshore service, and these drawings held sentimental value for him, since he had worked with them throughout his long career. But moreover, he recognized their historical significance. Figuring that nobody cared, he began collecting them for preservation. Unfortunately, in that regard he was wrong. When his foreman discovered what Fred was doing, he ordered him to cease his efforts - these were "company secrets" that had to be destroyed, lest they fall into the wrong hands. Never-mind that they were obsolete, and that many of them were essentially those of suppliers that had been redrawn by SP draftsmen to conform to its Common Standard drawings.

Despite the admonition, Fred eventually managed to sequester more than 150 drawings and related documents, all reproduced here. Fred's son, Walter, kindly went to considerable effort to digitize them for presentation here.

Fred's life, half-century career and extensive collection of RR war stories and photographs can be found on Wx4's pages devoted to him:
52 Years in the Shops

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For 1935 & 1942 rosters of active steam locos, see:
"Safety valve application" charts under "Safety Valves", below

rev. = revised_____ri. = reissued

Air Brake Systems


Booster engines

Cylinder cocks

Diesel locomotives


Feedwater heaters

Gauges: cocks and fittings




Misc. valves & cocks

Passenger cars

Power reverse

Respirators, crew

Safety valves

Starting valves

Steam turrets


cab heater piping

feedwater heater bypass

3 handled monitor injector #10

air operated smoke deflector

safety valve application chart

water gage assembly

6 chime whistle

steam turret

2 1⁄2" balanced lever starting valve, AC7,8,9 locos