Gallery car # 3721, from the 1957 delivery, is seen in San Jose in December of 1966. The 1950's Galleries all had incandescent lighting and clear windows, which could overtax the air conditioning in the summer. Thus, on hot days the trainmen would shut-off the lights. The 1968 cars contained fluorescent lights and tinted windows, so they usually remained comfortable.

For a color photo of one of the earlier cars, go here.

Nearly new Gallery 3735 sits on 6 Track , San Jose, in February 1969. Not exactly designer statements, the last series gallery cars, with their green-tinted windows and stainless steel vestibule doors, nevertheless looked pretty spiffy as compared to the ever-more-dowdy Subs.

Oddball coach # 2202, was rebuilt as an experiment in 1965 from # 2400, one of the original 1937 Daylight coaches. The rebuilt car packed 122 people into five-across seating (three on one side and two on the other), so passengers avoided it like the plague on crowded rush hour trains. End of experiment. The customers wanted more Galleries. Here she is at San Jose in late 1968. Why she didn't get the grey treatment is anybody's guess.

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