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One Summer Evening in 1968...
In contrast to 1974, things were fairly predictable in 1968: Train Masters on the Fleet trains, save #126, the Del Monte, which sported a pair of Geep 9's as far as San Jose. More likely than not, #151 departed San Jose with FP-7 6462.

Number 124 with the 3035 enters the depot. Notice the eager commuter ready to hop off as soon as the train hits dry land. Look here for pics of this day's Del Monte.

Number 124, with H24-66. Number 128, with the 3028
Number 130, with the 3024, at the San Jose Unified School District switch. Number 132, with the 3023 also at the Schoolhouse Switch.

Waiting for the Starlight, Spring 1974
One afternoon, a friend from San Luis Obispo called to tell me that a rattletrap Burlington E-Unit was on the consist of the Starlight, which arrived sometime after 7:00 pm. In the meantime...
Number 122 led by the 3002 and a second Geep at Cal Can's "Ice House", visible behind the cantlever bridge. The east leg of the wye travels along the edge of the warehouse on the fireman's side of the train. Passengers flooding off of #130. Obviously crossing over the tracks was no big thing in those days.
Number 153 with GP-9 3003 will depart after the Starlight. That's the telegrapher, that we've seen elsewhere, talking to the fireman. Number 140 with SDP-45 3203 arriving on Depot 2.