After lunch, the XBN5724W sped past. This probably was the Seattle-Eugene run-through train initiated by SP and NP in about 1965, as evidenced by the former's caboose.

When the two lines drew-up the agreement, NP wanted to use its EMD FT's as pool power, but SP put the kybosh on that, commenting that such elderly units weren't suitable for its "high speed railroad". Apparently Wx4 Staff worked for a different SP.
A July 4th Picnic at the
Canby, Oregon Southern Pacific Depot, 1974

Oft mentioned on these pages is Wx4 Staff's 1974 cross country bicycle trip. On July 4, 1974, we stopped for lunch at SP's Canby, Oregon depot, only to be treated with a fine dessert: three trains to photograph. Sadly, like most SP small town depots, Canby's is long since razed. The town still is notable, however, for having nearby the only automobile ferry on the Willamette River. We'll post a photo of it when we find it...
As we brought out the first sandwiches, the X8478E sent us scurrying for the camera (above).
Not long after, the X6583 came charging through town. The depot was hidden behind the head cars.