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Below you shall find drawings related to right-of-way and structires produced by SP company draftsmen, predominately for Coast and Western Division locations.

Please feel free to use them for any non-commercial purpose. We only we request that you email a heads-up to us at and give us a credit line stating Image Courtesy of

you also may be interested in consulting Fred Boland's SP steam locomotive appliances drawings: 100+

Southern Pacific Industrial Numbering System books

Wx4 has a page devoted to explaining these pamphlet-sized books that ground employees used to locate industries and car spots, along with accompanying PDF's of books for San Francisco, the Peninsula and the San Jose region. Follow the link above.

Engineering Drawings

The PDF files below externally and internally arranged by geographic locality, ordered north to south in the case of multiple cities. Many of the originals were drawn in pencil from blank forms, from copies of earlier drawings, or simply by erasing and drawing over earlier data. They were not colorized - only the subsequent copies made from them were hand-colored for specific purposes. Note that most these drawings were created for proposed construction, some of which never took place. Content variously includes both "maps" and floor plans.

4-30-24 NEW: Shasta Division engineering department
xxx station maps scans from Shasta Division Archives

Coast Division

  • San Francisco: 32 drawings
  • San Francisco Peninsula: South San Francisco, San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Castro (present-day San Antonio depot site) 12 drawings
  • Santa Clara Valley: Santa Clara, San Jose, Gilroy (Lonoke) - 12 drawings
  • Lower Coast: Watsonville Jct., Santa Cruz, Elkhorn, Prattco, Spreckles Jct., Paso Robles, Hathaway, Guadalupe, Surf, Tajiguas - 12 drawings

Western Division

late additions

More Engineering Drawings:

Robert Bowdidge's site on Flickr hosts 170+ of them. Robert, friend and kindred spirit, also believes that such valuable (and cool!) data ought to shared, not sat upon. By coincidence, Robert lives near Wx4 Summer Headquarters and out-bid us on eBay for his collection. We outbid him for ours. Small world. He also has a fine website that includes extensive hisories of Santa Clara County packing companies / modeling SP's Vasona Branch / his Blog

"Clear Standing Room" (car capacity) Diagrams

These diagrams were referenced by rookie yardmasters to determine the car capacity on any given rail. Of course, any guy holding a yardmaster tag and worth his salt knew the REAL track capacities, and that these charts were "all wrong". Nevertheless, they're interesting snapshots-in-time of Coast Division terminal trackage, especially the San Jose maps when compared to the SPINS Zone Maps shown elsewhere.

San Luis Obispo, July 1951
Watsonville, February 1958
San Jose Station - College Park Yard, March 1947


1900 Central Pacific San Jose Branch bridge replace-
mmment near Wayne - drawings / photo book of wood-to-steel mmibridge project at Coyote Creek - 2021 Google Maps image

"Depot and sheds at Holy Cross Cemetery" pencil and ink
mmmelevations and floor plans for this Ocean View Line structure, circa mmm1890?

Bayshore Roundhouse 1941 Turntable Plans Excerpts
mmmWx4 page; accompanying photos on San Francisco Turntables page

Cahill Depot, Proposed Trackage Re-Arrangement, 1965
Note: These images support a page about SP's San Jose traffic bottleneck

Note: Images are listed in order, from timetable west to east.

sp_cahill_trackplan_head.jpg description
sp_cahill_trackplan_legend2.jpg legend
sp_cahill_trackplan_stats.jpg statistics
sp_cahill_trackplan1965a.gif San Jose Wye to signal bridge 466
sp_cahill_trackplan1965b.gif bridge 466 to Alameda St. & west depot tracks
sp_cahill_trackplan1965c.gif depot and platforms
sp_cahill_trackplan1965d.gif east depot leads
sp_cahill_trackplan1965e.gif Vasona Branch junction (old Santa Cruz Main)
sp_cahill_trackplan1965f.gif Auzurais Ave. & "Power Switch"

Santa Clara to East End of Newhall St. Yard, 1967
scans of selected portions, revised 6-27-19)
Note: Images are listed in order, from timetable west to east.

Note: Images are listed in order, from timetable west to east.

1967sc2nh01.jpg Coast and Mulford Lines Junction
1967sc2nh02.jpg yard leads west of Santa Clara Tower
1967sc2nh03.jpg Santa Clara Tower, Depot & industrial #1 (west of main trks.)
1967sc2nh04.jpg Santa Clara industrial #2 (west of main tracks)
1967sc2nh05.jpg Santa Clara industrial #3 (west of main tracks)
1967sc2nh06.jpg Santa Clara industrial #4 (west of main tracks)
1967sc2nh07.jpg Santa Clara industrial #5 (west of main tracks)
1967sc2nh08.jpg Santa Clara industrial #6 (west of main tracks)
1967sc2nh09.jpg Santa Clara industrial #8 (east of main tracks / tower)
1967sc2nh10.jpg west yard leads
1967sc2nh11.jpg west end yard
1967sc2nh12.jpg west central yard
1967sc2nh13.jpg central yard
1967sc2nh14.jpg east central yard
1967sc2nh15.jpg east yard / Newhall Tower
1967sc2nh16.jpg east yard leads

1932-01-27 San Jose Yard Limits map - showing all tracks
xxxwithin yard limits; includes locations of various union pay arbitraries
xxx- Shasta Division Archives 4-30-24 NEW: higher res PDF

Newhall Yard to College Park, Lenzen Ave. R.H., 1958
(scans of selected portions, revised 6-27-19)
  • Original colors (blue background)

  • Inverted colors (blue lettering)

  • JPEG scans, below; original colors
    Note: Images are listed in order, from timetable west to east.

1958nh2cp01.jpg east of Newhall Yard throat
1958nh2cp02.jpg west of Stockton Ave.
1958nh2cp03.jpg Stockton Ave. / College Park station
1958nh2cp04.jpg College Park Tower & leads to C.P. Yard & roundhouse
1958nh2cp05.jpg west end of College Park Yard & roundhouse
1958nh2cp06.jpg central College Park Yard & roundhouse
1958nh2cp07.jpg east College Park Yard & roundhose
1958nh2cp08.jpg Lenzen Ave. Roundhouse & turntable
1958nh2cp09.jpg west leg, San Jose Wye
1958nh2cp10.jpg east leg, San Jose Wye
1958nh2cp11.jpg east end, College Park Yard
1958nh2cp12.jpg Guadalupe River
1958nh2cp13.jpg west Bassett Street Yard leads
1958nh2cp14.jpg Bassett Street freight station
1958nh2cp15.jpg pre-1935 passenger station site
1958nh2cp16.jpg east leads, Bassett Street yard
1958nh2cp17.jpg former Fourth Street Main Line
1958nh2cp18.jpg industrial trackage south of Bassett St.

Portion of a drawing showing San Jose Old (1st) Yard taken from Coast Division, Santa Clara Valley drawings PDF, at upper page left - This drawing shows the remainders of the west end, with the "Old 4th St." mainline and yard leads heading towards the "New" yard, College Park Yard, at left. The ancient freight houses, which dated to the 1880's, at least, variously burned down, or were demolished in the 1970's.