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Rio Grande "B" Units
In 1969 - 70, SP leased a few Denver & Rio Grande F-7B units to ease power shortages, interesting because in 1970, SP was similtaneously leasing out its own C-628's and C-630's to BN. The B's probably were assigned to Roseville for maintenance, because they frequently visited San Jose. In the summer of 1970, SP also leased a couple of Rio Grande "A" units, but they were assigned (with a pair of boosters) to Sparks, and spent most of their time working the Minden Local.

Below is a Rio Grande running light through College Park (headed towards the "Western" a.k.a., the Milpitas Line) with SD-45 # 8818, on a particulrly overcast day in the fall of 1969, as seen from the depot shelter. To the right is ever-present Central Concerete spur , and in the distant gloom is the tower, yard and roundhouse. I have no idea of the unit's number; it was missing from the side. As it was, Rio Grande's lettered its B Units in about six point type, so identification was always a problem.

The 8818 would gain a measure of Foamerdom fame in the mid-1980's as by-far the oldest unrebuilt SD-45 on the SP system.

Union Pacific SD-40's.
In the late 60's UP and SP commenced with an Overland Route freight train run-through agreement. Since the mileage on the UP end was considerably higher, the agreement provided that UP SD-40's would equalize the miles by running in SP general freight service. Thus, UP locos have been a common sight in San Jose for three-and-one-half-decades.

Here, in the spring of 1974, UP 3132 is sharing San Jose's facilities with SP SD-7 1420 (earlier - 2720, later - 1520). Along with the 1419, or sometimes the 1442, the 1420 held sway as the Permanente Local power from the late 60's through the '70's.