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Early Events in Alameda County, CA Railroad History
drawn from newspapers and misc. secondary sources

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San Francisco and Oakland Rail Road Company
• 10-28-61: incorporated
• 8-2-62: began construction of three-quarter-mile pier at Gibbon's (later: Oakland) Point
• 8-8-62: began construction of railroad
• 1863: erected locomotive Liberty and first 3 passenger cars at Oakland Point Shops
• 9-2-63: first train from Oakland's Point wharf, along 7th St. to Broadway station; service
xxxxto Davis St. wharf, San Francisco, with ferry Contra Costa
• 8-28-64: line opened to Brooklyn and San Antonio (later: East Oakland)
• 4-1-65: extended to Larue's Wharf, San Antonio, line's furthest extent

San Francisco and Alameda Rail Road Company

• 3-25-63: incorporated; known locally as The Encinal Road; sometimes called the San Francisco and Alameda Valley
• Spring, 1864: wharf completed at Alameda Point
• 6-23-64: began railroad construction along Railroad (later: Lincoln) Avenue
• 8-13-64: first trial run with locomotive E.B. Mastick, two passenger cars
• 8-25-64: regular service begun to High Street, Alameda; ferry Sophie McLaine connected to Pacific Street wharf,
xxxxSan Francisco
• 3-1-65: line opened to San Leandro; regular service began the next day
• 8-24-65: line opened to Hayward's, line's furthest extent, much originally graded by the San Francisco, Alameda &
xxxxStockton Railroad Company; engine house subsequently erected there
• 1-27-66: home-built locomotive J.G. Kellogg turned out from Alameda Point Shops; about same date company completed
xxxxnew ferry Alameda - bay's 1st double ender
• March, 1866: Alameda begins using new Davis St. wharf in S.F.

Affiliated Lines Developments

• 1865: no rail connections between the two lines
• October, 1865: Alfred A. Cohen, head of the SF&A, assumes management of SF&O, due to latter's financial toubles
xxxxcaused by its San Antonio extension
• August, 1868: Central Pacific aquires controlling interest of SF&O, and presumably SF&A from Cohen
• 9-25-68: CP forms San Francisco Bay Railroad Company to connect CP subsidiary Western Pacific at Niles with the
xxxxSF&O at East Oakland
• June, 1869: Bay RR construction begun
• August, 1869: Bay RR constructs temporary connection to SF&A to run initial overland traffic to Alameda Point pier
xxxxpreviously expanded to replace freight transfer to lighters with a car ferry
• 9-6-69: first WP trains operate from Sacramento to both Alameda and San Jose; Alameda train has 11 overland
xxxxpassengers; regular service next day
• 10-22-69: first all-Pullman Palace train arrives in Alameda from the east; about 6.5 days' travel from New York
• 10-29-69: SF&A and SF&O joined for the first time, between Melrose (SF&A) and East Oakland; first WP construction
xxxxtrain up 7th St. to Oakland Point; erection of a turntable near the old SF&O shops started
• 11-8-69: first CP passenger train operates over SF&O to Oakland Point; Alameda Point continues to serve freight and
xxxxlocal passenger traffic
• 11-14-69: SF&A and WP passenger trains collided head-on near Simpson's, a.k.a. Melrose, their new junction point;
xxxxeight killed
• 6-29-70: San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda Rail Road Company formed from SF&O and SF&A, apparently in
xxxxpreparation for merger into CP
• 8-22-70: SFO&A, WP and others merged into Central Pacific Railroad Co.

Central Pacific Railroad Company

• 3-25-1870 As an experiment, newly completed SF&O loco Liberty and three cars of scrap iron ferried from Alameda Point
xxxxto the WP Oakland wharf, the first time CP ferried cars without breaking bulk. Success led to trans-Bay service.
• late 1870: completed new Oakland First St. main line to a lengthened, 1.3 mile Oakland Point wharf; SF&O now "Oakland
xxxxLocal"; pass. locals and freight still use "Alameda Local" line to Alameda Point
• 1-16-71: new 2-mile Long Wharf opened at Oakland Point; Alameda Point "short" pier abandoned; freight now ferried from
xxxxLong Wharf to S.F. 2nd St. wharf
• 9-29-73 new line from Mastick station Alameda, north across Alameda Creek to Seventh and Harrison Sts. on the Oakland
xxxxLocal line; abandoned passenger , but not freight use of remaining Alameda wharf - local passenger trains now use Long
xxxxWharf; former SF&A from Melrose to Hayward's abandoned under much local protest