(above) College Park Yard, December 17, 1975. id3460

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The Freedom Train
at San Francisco, 1976

The Freedom Train arrived in San Francisco on December 10, 1975. The next day, it was displayed at the Presidio, with the 4449 resting near the Hyde Street pier on San Francisco Relt Railroad (which also handled the switching moves) trackage - the furthest west that the train ever traveled. Wx4 staff shot the following photos of the train departing San Francisco on the morning of December 13.

Eastbound at Mission Bay Wye

...And entering Tunnel One

On 'The Viaduct"

Army Street

(left) What a well-dressed 1975 railfan wore: While running eastward on the San Francisco Belt interchange track in King Street, the Freedom Train pulls-by the Third & Townsend depot, which was then in the process of being demolished. Sometimes an image of a dufus railfan kinda makes the picture, don't you think? id3413