The Harmonic Convergence of the Planets
Back in the 1980's, Wx4 was headquartered in Mount Shasta, California. The town was named after the nearby mountain, which New Age Movement people report as an energy vortex of extraordinary strength.

In the real world this means, well, suppose that your '72 Ford Econoline's motor craps out because it's inhaled a wandering angel in through the carburetor. Bummer, eh? Luckily, you've limped off of I-5 at Truck Village, and are close enough to draw from some of that incredibly positive energy emanating from the mountain (much higher quality energy that that found in sucky vortices like Sedona and Three Mile Island). So you plop your healing pyramid (available at Pep Boys and other leading auto parts stores) on the hood, and KA-POWIE, all of that energy blasts the offending angel out the Econoline's exhaust (with accompanying black smoke) like she was shot from a 155 MM howitzer!

So, given Mount Shasta is jam-packed with 14,162 feet of good energy, it is only natural that the New Agers excitedly flocked to the mountain in 1987 when the planets aligned in Harmonic Convergence. We forget what the significance of the Conversion was, but recall that it was something really, really good.

Oddly, the hot attraction wasn't up in the chanting meadows of the mountainside, but down in town, where a "Holy TV" purportedly was displaying the image of an (possibly soot-encrusted?) angel. When the fixit guy from the local Radio Shack wandered by for a look, he had an epiphany of sorts. He'd seen the same image before! Back at the Shack, he yanked-out a capacitor from an identical model set, and WHOLLA! Angelsville City! Too bad for the owner of the original holy TV - He was forced to lower the original 500 buck asking price - stinking non-belivers!

But this is not really what we want to talk about. Rather, we're presenting (drum roll, please):


for a video explaining the Harmonic Convergence (that's a VW Microbus glued on top):

The Harmonic Convergence of Geeps n' Jeeps:
Photos Documenting Both Animules at Once

A Jeep is a truck, while a Geep is a locomotive. Though identical in pronuciation, the terms have no common background.

The origin of the term Jeep is obscure and predates the vehicle. WillysNuts have long debated about the exact moment that the moniker was first bestowed upon their beloved MAs, MBs, and GPWs. (Related: see the origin of The Willys Joke)

There's no confusion about Geeps, however. Geeps are General Purpose diesel locomotives produced in a host of models by the Electro Motive Division of General Motors. The first, the GP-7, arrived more than 50 years ago, and the Geep series is arguably the most successful locomotive type in the history of railroading.

As a service to the reader, Wx4 hereby presents the following chart for those who are thus-far unable to follow these concepts:

Wx4 E-Z Identification Chart #63b


Now that you are educated upon the differences, you are ready to progress to the actual Geep / Jeep (sorry, no Cheap) photos: ON TO THE PHOTOS!