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HERE NOW on 6-22-21! "The Dome 2019", better late than never!

musings about my former relationships with card catalogues
If you are a pre-Millennial (quick check: if you don't know what a Millennial is, you are a "pre") and occasionally visited a library in your younger years, in between drinking beers at trackside while waiting for trains, you may remember those beefy hardwood cabinets full of grubby index cards - the infamous card catalogues - containing all sorts of enigmatic scrawlings that seemingly were designed to perplex and confound.

That is exactly what they were designed to do. [
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latest addition: 7/13/21

= major addition

New Arrivals for 2012-2016 are located here.

Southern Pacific
Hamilton City Mixed Train # 308 at Willows, ca.1910-11
Wx4 RR Rule Books page
motor car madness
Brooklyn Roundhouse turntable Replacement, 1925
Oregon Short Line 4-6-0 #800 at, Roseburg, Oregon
Southern Pacific right-of-way & structure drawings
1900 CP San Jose Branch bridge redo near Wayne
"Depot and sheds at Holy Cross Cemetery"
Instructions...Gas-Electric Rail Motor Cars
Alco RS-32 operator's manual
1949 EMD On the Road Trouble-Shooting
Miscellaneous Documents page
The Toughest Railroad Job That I Ever Had
Motor Car Madness
Misc. Docs; Rules & Regs; Time books & seniority rosters
Portland OR area seniority rosters: SP & others
c1990 Retirement Party at Newhall Yard Office, San Jose
photo of Maurice O" Connor SP Bayshore Shops Foreman
Engineer Gary Ellison Retirement Party group photo
Additional graphics & intelligence
includes several SP books and an essay: Wx4's take on The History of American Operating Rule Books
a collection of material related to gas-electric motor cars, mostly SP, mostly Mckeen
photos of the Portland, Oregon event
Photo plus essay speculating about why it was on the Portland Passenger, train #20, so far away from home
We've combined links to all of engineering drawings, and such, into one place to promote ease of access.
PDF of company produced plans and photos of the wood-to-steel conversion
pencil and ink elevations and floor plans for this Ocean View Line structure, circa 1890?
SP operator's manual giving particulars of 1930 Pullman / Electromotive cars #SP3 - #SP6; PDF
an institution in Central CA for more than a decade; includes diagram for non produced RSD-33: PDF
generic EMD manual for those pesky early 1st Generation units
Catch-basin for docs that do not fall into our other document pages categories - loco manuals, ads, etc.; much SP
tamping ballst with a jackhammer: Try it! You'll hate it!
3 page additions re: Mckeen Cars
Many additions throughout 2019, early 2020
from 1937 commercial timebook - operating & clerical crafts
photos of party for Ed Smith & Phil ___?, contributed by Burl Danley, son of the Buddha; help with ID's, please
standing next to 4-6-2 #2487; Maurice was a contemporary of Fred Boland (52 Years in the Shops)
Gary was the last ex-SP engineer on Caltrain when he retired in 2018


Dome 2019/21

A Turntable and Its Turn-Back Trains
Coast Division picture gallery
early SP block signals
SP #21 at Castroville, circa 1875
Permanente Local San Jose Diridon (ex SP Cahill)
Engine Crew Callers last Day at 7th St., San Francisco
Part of a dying breed: Conductor Bobby Reeves
A Puzzling Day at Bayshore
Wx4 Maps & Timetables, Page 1 and Miscellaneous Documents Page
Oregon Short Line #800 on train #20, Roseburg, ca. 1910-1913
Wx4 Whatzit? Contest (scroll to bottom of linked page)
SP Cahill Depot, San Jose


~ Palo Alto, CA at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
1870's - 1990's
not for the visually or reading impared employe
parlor card photo from Wx4 collection:
At what date would you place it?
a year 2000 version of several semi-aerial photos of the east end by Charles Lamphere
photos of two crew callers from Greg Welker;
positive ID's wanted
Circa 1982 newspaper article about Commute Conductor Bobby and his duties - from George Faithorn
now included: Rock Island's "Deadly Puzzle Switch"

more than 400 combined additions, dozens upon dozens of SP
added large semi-aerial view of Roseburg town, depot & yard, c.1930
IT'S BACK after 6 or 8 years!! We'll bet that even you SP diehards can't identify this location, unless you cheat.
new photo on the West End page

check out The Dome's Historical Railroad Maps & Timetables pages:
EIGHT NINE of 'em!

Maps, employee / public timetables track charts and other misc. documents - We now have more than 3000 PDF's & JPEG's for 300+ companies online, courtesy of Messrs. Tim Zukas, "Englewood", Sheldon Perry, Jon Habegger, Dean Ogle, Mike Yoakum, Ed Von Nordeck, Frank Scheer, Jeff Asay, David Moore, "seabass", David Bernstein and several other generous folks, along with Wx4's own contributions.

For latest additions: Historical Railroad Maps & Timetables Index Page

Wx4 RR Rule Books page:includes many SP 1890-1984 operating & non-op rule books

Miscellaneous Documents page:Finally, all of Wx4's document scans in one spot

Other Railroads
Wx4 RR Rule Books page
∆∆∆ California & Oregon Coast RR page re-do ∆∆∆
Baltimore & Ohio Brill motor car #6033
additions to UP Yellowstone Park section
Ann Arbor McKeen Cars at Clare (MI) Union Depot
additions to CR&P Manly, Iowa page
∆∆∆ California & Oregon Coast RR page additions ∆∆∆
1947 AAR 450 questions quiz
Manly, Iowa Rock Island yards, 1913
Misc. Docs; Rules & Regs; Time books & seniority rosters
Chicago Great Western documents, blank forms
Portland OR area seniority rosters: most railroads
Maps & Timetables Page 7 - Collection of David Moore
Maps & Timetables Page 8 - Collection of "seabass
a modest beginning; includes essay: Wx4's take on The History of American Operating Rule Books
redone with much additional material about Del Norte County, CA's 5 shortline/logging railroads-ROSTERS!
article inspired by a gorgeous Brill Co. lantern slide (was on Wx4 front page); part of motor car madness
(mid page) 1954 UP Yellowstone Park tours brochure PDF & a delightful photo of Teddy McKean & Inez Noble
part of our C&O in Michigan series
Union Depot, ca. 1910; Alf Landon campaign call, 1936: pair of 2-8-2's, 1938
more & revised info plus photos from Western shortline guru / author Jeff Moore
, 84 pages - a gold mine of RR data of the era & previous; PDF ; located on our new Miscellaneous Documents page
Yet another addition to crowd favorite Manly, Iowa page!
Many additions throughout 2019, early 2020
Courtesy of Wx4 friend Ryan Heath - these docs were typical for large railroaders; adaptable for model RR use
from 1937 commercial timebook - operating & clerical crafts
AT&SF + other RR industry splocation maps (CLIC & etc.) + some Class 1/shortline ETTs; Plains, TX, LA
an eclectic assortment of timetables, rule books and miscellany spanning back to the 19th Century


Dome 2019/21

A Leviathan Roadblock on Spokane, Portland & Seattle
A Hell of a Way to Run a Timetable
∆∆∆ Calif. & Oregon Coast / Hobbs, Wall & Co. Railroads ∆∆∆
As idyllic as they come
aerial photo of Richmond Yard, c1965
Ocean Shore Railroad's proposed mallets
Hawaii Book of Information for Visitors
C&O in Michigan
2-6-0's and a 2-6-6-0: variously employed, reinvented & rejected
The Commuter's Dream


~Have you ever heard of Flavel, Oregon? We thought not. A whale of a tale + GN/NP steamships.
Dave Sprau tells how Tonopah & Tidewater managed to schedule a shifty exit from the business
hugely expanded update courtesy of the help from several fellows
wonderful photo of Fisher, NY on a New York Central secondary main line
likely a PR photo
an odd essay about an odd discovery at SMU Library's website
Planning on vacationing in Hawaii...in 1917? 112 pages of vital info, including railroad and steamer schedules
more photos, car ferry brochures
Wx4 front page expansion of
Ocean Shore Railroad's proposed mallets, now including San Juan Pacific, others
Illustrated 1911 article describing a wistful notion for a BART-like trans-bay tunnel + Wx4 commentry

Miscellaneous Claptrap
This page
Miscellaneous Documents page
Helixtram - tomorrow's transportation yesterday

A catch-basin for docs that do not fall into our other document pages categories - loco manuals, ads, etc., etc.
Now, a full PDF of this transformative document!


Dome 2019/21

WIlliam J. Holman & His Improbable Locomotive∆∆∆ ∆∆∆
Professional RR Terms Disambiguated by a Seasoned "Pro"
[Rail] Roadside America


~ 30,000 word story of the 19th Century con artist / screwball inventor's amazing antics
Well, WE think it's darn funny.
1950's postcard of the Super Chief Diner, Carson City, utilizing V&T's motor car body

"...now arriving on Track Two. Please stand behind the yellow line until the train comes to a complete stop..."